Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cockroach (cucaracha)

O-kay, I rationalized the first one, I was still living on Carbonerra at the time, it came up from the shower drain.  I forgot to put the plug back on the drain after taking a shower. Besides, I wasn't sure it was a cockroach. How do I know what a cockroach looks like? It's not like I've ever seen one before.

The second one appeared in my new place, but the story was the same, forgot to put the plug on the shower drain.

Last night, the proof was in the cockroach. I came home rather late, it was dark, and in the hall between the front bedroom and the livingroom was this big bug. Did I run screaming out of the apartment? Of course not! I'm no whoose! I stomped on it, big bug, hard stomp required. The only good bug is a dead bug. I picked the remains off my sandal with a piece of paper towel. Went to google images and sure enough - cockroach.

At first everything I read lead me to believe that I was a filthy pig and that is why my apartment is infiltrated with cockroaches. Likely thousands of these disease infested monsters who will likely outlive all the humans on earth, are nesting in my walls waiting for night to arrive so they can come out and leave their trail of filth all over my apartment.

Long after the human race is gone - by nuclear disaster, famine, global warming or whatever disaster, the cockroaches will remain. They are stronger then us. YUK!

I was going to buy cochroach traps and find out where they are hiding. Then I got to thinking. By golly, I'm not a filty pig. And, since I began living in Mexico I've known that I can't leave food, garbage or anything moist out in the open.

And so, I googled cockroaches and the tropics. They are here. I have temporarily foregone the traps, since I've only seen two in three months. But, by golly I've done my reseach and I don't care how successful a species they are - I'm smarter - I'm stronger - and the only good cockroach is a dead one.

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