Monday, November 16, 2009

The Bug Saga Continues

This morning while in the bathroom sitting on the . . . I noticed about 369 tiny little critters, they're called hormigas, almost invisible. After completing my business I retrieved my can of H24 Casa y Jardin and fumigated the bathroom. Along with 369 dead tiny little critters in the bathroom, in the hallway I discovered that I've exterminated several large red ants.

In the front bedroom, trying to escape through the window was the biggest bee I've ever seen. It's dead now. The only good bug is a dead bug.

My friend Laura and I were having coffee last evening down at the Zocalo and she told me how she can't kill bugs, just makes her squeamish. Another tenant in her apartment complex doesn't believe in killing anything so he just scooted the cockroach out of his place.

I guess I'm heartless I kill bugs and I don't care. Although I do feel a little sorry for the bee.

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