Sunday, June 14, 2009

How I've been spending my time

The last three months have been a relaxing time, albeit not extremely productive. I think I've earned the right, as a third age woman, to take things easy.

I've been writing a memoir. I've begun this process a few time in the past, but I've got more time now. There's about 50,000 words written, and about 30,000 to go before I begin my first rewrite. The outline I'm using helps to keep the events of my life organized. I try to write 1,000 words a day, some days I succeed, somedays I don't

I've been studying Spanish for a few hours each day. There are several web sites I use as study guides, and I've been posting online flash cards at a site called Quiznet in an effort to increase my vocabulary.

My friend Nelly and I meet Monday through Friday from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Nelly speaks very little English, and I speak very little Spanish. She proudly explains to people that I'm teaching her English, and she's teaching me Spanish.

The great thing about learning and teaching language is that language and culture are so intertwined, I'm learning a lot about Mexico from Nelly, and losing some of my misconceptions.

The other day I was talking about the circus and how I thought animal rights activists had pretty much stopped the circus in Canada. I remarked on how I saw on Mexican television a tiger jumping through a flaming hoop. I thought this was very cruel. "What about the seal hunt in Canada?" Nelly asked. "Ah. . .the animal rights activists want to stop that to," was my reply. But, I hadn't missed her point. You think Canada is kinder to animals. . .well what about the seal hunt? was her implied comment. She's such a smart aleck. I really like her.

I have two American friends. They both live within walking distance from my apartment. We get together every once in a while to play Mahjong.

I'm leavng Chihuahua June 25, heading back to Canada for the month of July. August 1st I'll be back in Mexico, only farther south, Oaxaca.

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