Monday, May 18, 2009


The bus trip to Zacatecas was long, but comfortable.

I stayed at Villa Hostel Colonial, which is situated behind the cathedral.

To reach my room I had to walk up several flights of stairs.  The stairs were steep, narrow and winding.  My room was small but serviceable.  To reach my private bathroom, which was ensuite,  I had to walk up several steep and winding stairs.   

No matter where I went, inside and outside my room, there were a lot of steep stairs.  So, when I woke up in the morning the back of my legs hurt until I got moving.

There is an amazing pink stone that many of the buildings are made from. The city is called "la ciudad de cantera rosa," The city of pink stone.

While my mouth and stomach appreciated the fine cuisine my eyes feasted on the artistry that surrounded me, no matter where I looked.

There is art everywhere in Zacatecas.

Here are mesoarmerican figurines.  

These figurines, along with the muscial instruments and masks were on display in a large building that was once a convent.  Some of the building is now in ruins and makes for a lovely setting for a garden.

A craftsman, or craftswoman, creates art when they produce beautiful instruments.

A musician uses the musical instrument, which is a work of art, to create artistic sounds.

And so it goes, art makes art.

Room upon room of figurines, musical instruments and masks made this converted convent a magical place of art, history and culture.

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Theresa in Mèrida said...

I am really enjoying the photos on your blog. We keep hoping to see more of Mexico but haven't been able to. I love these glimpses of different areas.