Saturday, August 30, 2008

Leaving Nanaimo for New Mexico

Tomorrow I pack up and move on.

Nanaimo is a small, lazy harbour town.

While here I went to the fair with my son, nephew and grandchildren.

On another weekend, we went to a concert in the park where the island symphony performed, and children had the opportunity to try out all sorts of instruments.

There are plenty of buskers on the harbour front.

Originally coal mining was why this town came to be.  I don't know what keeps it going now, other than retail outlets, retired people, tired people and lazy people. 

It's not the place for me.

At first I was very excited because I love the blues and the Diana Krall Plaza, just outside the main public library, had a blues concert one weekend.  

I don't know how blues music can be made forgettable, but the musicians during this action packed weekend (I say with sarcasm) made a mess of the blues.   

O-kay I'll be nice.  Nanaimo is a great little town where lots of things happen over the summer.

Sometimes the weather is hot, sometimes it's cool, sometimes it rains, sometimes it is cloudy.

One thing for certain, there are a lot of hills to climb.

I'll close this entry with a couple of videos from one of the blues concert.

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