Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sargent Blue Jeans - Winnipeg, Manitoba

I hate shopping. I hate trying on clothes. Complicating things even further is how fussy I've become; most things just don't look good on me.

All of that being said, I know which stores offer the type of clothes I like, it's down to two, Sargent Blue Jeans and Laura Petites.

Buying jeans is a piece of cake, I just stand in the room and say I need to buy jeans and the wonderful women who own Sargent Blue Jeans find jeans they think will fit. I try them on, sometimes the first pair work, sometimes they don't.

Yesterday, because I needed three pair that fit I had to try on about a dozen pairs of jeans. In the small dressing room I got confused, forgetting which jeans I had tried on and which I had yet to try on.

However, once I had a system going I did fine.

Sargent Blue Jeans includes the shortening and hemming of the jeans to appropriate length, they do this while you wait.

It's a great store.

I wanted to purchase two pair of black slacks and a top at Laura Petites. The top was a challenge. I'm a welcome customer because I don't shop, I buy. But, I'm not a welcome customer because I'm a grouch.

I don't want the sales woman to say, "That looks good on you." What do I care what she thinks of how I look? She's in the business of selling, I don't trust her opinion.

While I'm in the dressing room I don't want the sales woman to tap on the door and ask "How things are going?" It's not helpful, it's annoying.

I don't want the sales woman to say, "Just try this on and see how it looks." I want to try on as few items as possible.

On the other hand, if I give a description of the sort of merchandise I'm looking for I expect the sales woman to know where the things are in the store that match my description.

The black slacks were easy, I didn't need help. The top was a challenge. I needed help.

Fortunately the women who assisted me was an older, mature woman who pretty much read my need to decide for myself and was willing to be directed by me, rather than directing me.

When the sales woman pointed out the great deal I was getting, a pair of $95 pants for $45, I asked, "Why were they $95 in the first place?" She frowned.

Even though I knew exactly where to find the clothes I needed and where I could find them the ordeal still took three hours and when I was finished I was exhausted.


Gene said...

Hi Oreen,
I have never been to Sargent Blue Jeans, but ran across your post today. Friends have told me that the experience buying jeans there is great - glad to hear you concur :)

Anonymous said...

The best place for price and the very best service I have every had at a retail establishment.

corinne hodgins said...

Sargent jeans, is the only place I buy jeans for my nieces nephews, grandkids. They have the best quality, service, and atmosphere when buying jeans. The lady knows what's hot and whats not for age groups, no matter what the budget is.. Sargent jeans rocks!!!