Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Selling House Privately - Backyard Blues

The advertisement runs this Saturday and Sunday. There's no turning back. The house is on the market.

I've got so much to do it's exhausting just thinking about it. Yesterday was spent picking up rabbit poop in the back garden. It's still an unfinished chore. The backyard is a mess and the front yard isn't as manicured as I had thought.

Work, work and more work.

Back to the saga. I applied to work as a volunteer language partner with Winnipeg's International Centre. The centre serves the needs of new arrivals to Winnipeg. It felt like forever before I was paired up with my student. I write student because I did not become a language partner, but a tutor.

I felt over my head. Looking back, I was over my head. A tutor teaches, and I was not a trained teacher. As it turned out, I'm a born teacher. The experience of tutoring YoungJoo, for the eighteen months or so that I was her tutor, was very gratifying.

The time we spent together each week was definitely a highlight of my week. As any teacher can attest, teachers learn at least as much from their students as their students learn from them.

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