Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Craigs List and Staining The Deck

Yesterday I washed the deck with a chemical called Deckwood. The directions on the container say to wait two to three days before staining. Hopefully it doesn't rain during the next two days.

I'll stain on Wednesday.

Moving into the past. I work for a newspaper. Three years ago I was working as a marketing analyst with the newspaper and was reading a trade journal article on how Craig's List was annihilating the classified sections of newspapers around the world. The last time I had looked at Craig’s List was a few years before that, I had first read about Craig’s List in the New York Times, and at that point Winnipeg was not on the Craig’s List radar. However, by the time I read the article in the trade journal Winnipeg was on Craig’s list.

While scanning Craig’s List I noticed an advertisement for a business called Oxford Seminars. Perhaps, I thought, I could teach English in a foreign country. But, could I teach? Would I like teaching? To answer these questions I decided to begin by volunteering as a language partner. The job of a language partner is simply to hang out with a new arrival to Winnipeg, giving them the opportunity to practise English.

The saga of my past that lead me to the present will continue tomorrow.

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