Monday, January 14, 2008

Over the Counter Medications

I didn't do much this weekend, except take generic brand over the counter medications. Generic muscle relaxants for my aching back, generic pepcid for my stomach and generic Contac for my running nose.

Are these over the counter medications doing me more harm than good? Likely.

If I'm sick I have no idea what it is or why. . .old age? Perhaps.

I'm not very happy being sick. I think exercise and a good diet are what I need most.

No more Larry the short order cook food from our cafeteria. Truth is, I'm never quite sure what I'm getting, and I'm quite sure the hamburger I bought of Friday was the beginning of my weekend of overdosing on OTC meds in order to feel better.

I'm going to stop taking the OTC meds, eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetable, boycott Larry the cafeteria guy and see how things work themselves out. Sounds like a plan.

Also, need to move more. Spend less time on the computer. It is an addiction.

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