Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Off to see the gaastroenterologist

I've been doing well, remembering to look at my Google calendar so that I remember appointments.

Off to see Dr. Gorski today, he's my gastroenterologist. I think I will discuss my aching back and rumbling intestines, might be time for a perscription med - as long as it's not something I have to take for the rest of my life, too costly.

Because I don't think there's anyway in h--- I'm going to rember her name I'll just call her Meg. Ran into Meg at Sobeys yesterday. Sobeys is an interesting place because every time I go there I run into someone I know. It's like the general store of old, or the town square, out here in the distant North of Winnipeg we've developed a strong sense of community.

Anyway, I haven't seen Meg in years and years. She left James three years ago. She lives on her own. She's fifty-three. She is still working as a waitress at Kelekis, which means she makes next to nothing. She's poor, but she's happy. Looking back on our conversation I told her I would be retiring in July and with only $1,800/mnth when I retire I will have to work. That was why I was going to Mexico. I could live cheaply and I could teach English.

I got to thinking that she likely makes about $1,800. She told me about her very nice apartment that costs around $700/month after everything including telephone and cable are factored in.

I can't imagine her retiring early. All she will have is a minimal Canadian pension and old age pension. But she's not thinking about retirement because it's twelve years away. She may not be able to retire. She may be a ninety-year-old working waitress, or she may end up living with her son and his family. Not so bad, she has a good relationship with her son.

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