Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hillary won and I need health insurance

I have a loud voice, strong might be the better word. I'm tired of the stupid work I do at work. I spent most of yesterday's work hours trying to unravel the mystery of health insurance while working in another country.

It seems like the trick is get a special kind of travel insurance where it is not necessary to return to Canada when it runs out, get a job that has health insurance as a benefit, maintain Manitoba health coverage while out of province, which can be done for a maximum of two years, come back to Manitoba if I get a catastrophic illness.

Everyone in the office could hear my phone calls.

Practicum course began last night. It's a pass/fail and is going to be a killer because I'm taking two courses and working full-time. I'm thinking my inability to sleep may be a strong point.

When I returned from class I remembered yesterday was the New Hampshire, Hilary cried Monday and won Tuesday. I wondered if Hillary's tears helped. Political pundit, Maureen Dawd, in her column seems to think the tears made all the difference.

Cleavage, changing her name to match her husbands, crying - does any of this have to do with policy? Of course not. But these are the things that the average person seems to focus on, or is the media underestimating the public and catering to a denominator that is actually lower than the masses?

Why am I writing about American politics anyway? Likely because a woman is running. Way to go Hillary. I hope she wins.

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