Monday, October 01, 2012

Living La Dolce Vita

The Tortelli's

I met the Tortelli family last September. If you would like to read about how we met I've written a short story about it.

The Tortelli's are my way into Italy's famous "dolce vita".  They are a not so rich family that benefit from the social democratic government that places a sliding scale of the cost of activities children might enjoy. The two youngest Tortelli girls took two-week trips around the Mediterranean Sea, one on a catamaran the other on a sailing ship.

The oldest girl will study abroad next year. The middle daughter will attend a music academy and the youngest needs to be reminded to do her homework. All three girls are extraordinarily beautiful.

The mother, Gloria Tortelli, simply must have cheese, onions and garlic in her kitchen. Gloria's husband, Giuseppe, cannot do with his bread and wine. At their kitchen table, everyone talks at once.

Picnic on the Wall - August 30, 2012

Last September, when I studied Italian in Lucca, I stayed with Alessandra. We planned to hike in the mountains today. However, she called yesterday to let me know she had to work, but invited me to picnic this evening.

Italians eat their last meal of the day sometime after 8 pm. It is dark when we gather in one of the many parks on Lucca's wall. I remember some of the people gathered from my last visit. A congenial group, on the picnic table they display an abundance or food and wine.

At one point I wander off a bit, full of food and drink, feeling the cool evening breeze and marveling at the beauty that surrounds me, I conclude, Italians truly live the good life.

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