Saturday, August 18, 2012

Revisit Rockefeller Center - July 30, 2012

My friend Mimi gave me a package to deliver to her ex-husband, who lives in Switzerland. On the other hand, it was obvious from her conversation that she preferred that I mail it from New York.

Last week I purchased New York t-shirts for my granddaughters and a New York Fire Department cap for my grandson. I want to mail them. So, on my agenda today is finding a nearby post office and sending parcels.

However, I can't find the bag with the t-shirts and cap. I haven't a clue where I left them. And so it is, I must find somewhere to again purchase the lost merchandise. Since it would be impossible to remember the store I bought them from, I decide my best bet, considering my limited knowledge of the city, is to return to Rockefeller Center.

I hop on the bus, come back with my purchases, and find my way to the post office. I'm surprised at how little it costs to send these packages first class. 

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