Saturday, August 18, 2012

On the Road - In the Air and Across Europe - July 31, 2012

After breakfast I pack up, which doesn't take long. Since my plane is not leaving until 5:30 this afternoon I have plenty of time.

How do I get to Penn Station? Do I travel by subway, taxi or bus? Apparently the bus driver won't let me on the bus with my suitcase. I wonder how I can make it through the subway turn style with my suitcase. Jane tells me the conductor will open the emergency gate so that I can get through. "Is there a conductor at the 125th and Lenox stop?" I ask. Jane says she doesn't know.

I make a trip to the subway stop and find out there isn't a conductor. I decide to take a cab. On the Internet I find a company called Groundlink, which suits my needs to a T. I know exactly what it will cost before I get into the car. They don't allow driver's to take cash; all transactions are taken via a credit card, over the phone.

My driver picks me up on time, but further complicates things by telling me that there is a train very close to where I'm staying that will take me to Jamaica Station, on the other hand for (I don't remember the extra money) he can take me to Jamaica Station or to the airport for that matter.

Until now, I've been geared to the idea of going to Penn Station and taking the train from there to Jamaica Station.  Then taking the Jamaica Station train to my terminal.

I tell him I want to proceed as I originally planned. Still, he insists on being helpful and gives me all kinds of unsolicited information.

I tell him that although I'm grateful for his desire to be of assistance, I won't remember what he is saying because my short term memory isn't as good as it once was. This is true.

I don't tell him I'm positive I will get to where I'm going in plenty of time without his advice. And that is also true.

My flight will take me to Berlin where I transfer to another flight, which will take me to Rome. It will take around 24 hours to arrive at my final destination, Lucca, Italy.

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