Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Dentist

A full crown, and another tooth filled cost me $3,200 pesos.

I got to thinking about my teetH, I don't have the false teeth of my parent's day, but the four front top teeth are capped, along side the caps are bridges on both sides, one false tooth on each side, attached to capped teeth, making a total of six more teeth that are really not my original teeth anymore. That leaves only back molars on top that are real teeth.

And so, it seems to me that my bottom teeth began the process of eroding to nothing last year. My Canadian dentist filled a bottom tooth when I was home last year, but wanted to cap it. I wonder how long it will last before the large filling and the tooth around it breaks.

My new, Mexican dentist, suggested a partial cap for one of the teeth that cracked recently. "Why not a full cap?" I asked. I asked this because I had never heard of a partial cap. He said, "o-kay, because a full cap is better anyway."

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