Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weather turn around

The weather is back to normal, sunny and highs around 30C.

Yesterday I went to Jane Robinson's bed and breakfast. Jane is a member of the Oaxaca Writer's Group that I restarted, with the help of my friend Linda Martin. Jane has had a tradition of organizing readings once a month. After a few years the readings died a natural death. Last year she revised the readings with a writer's get together once a year, a reunion of the writer's who use to read once a month.

Because she's now writing, and part of a writer's group she's decided to try and revive the monthly writers reading at Casa Colonial, her lovely bed and breakfast.

Her place is paradise, a tropical garden that's magazine perfect, a library full of books anyone can borrow, and a diningroom the overlooks Jane's private garden where three meals a day are served. There are birds that sing and a rescued street dog lucky enough to have found himself an excellent home. Casa Colonial houses a maximum of twenty-six guests and has a staff of ten to keep the place in pristine order. Staff have worked at Casa Colonial for as long as thirty years.

Jane organizes events beyond the readings, Jazz performances and I'm not know what else.

Next time I'm at Jane's place I'm going to take photos.

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