Friday, January 08, 2010

Day of the Three Kings - January 6

Three Kings Day bread
I don't recall seeing anything like this in Northern Mexico, but then again I'm not the most observant person on the planet. But, if it exists in the north I don't know how I could have missed it. In the supermarket and in the bakeries there were thousands of large red boxes, with "tradiccion de reyes" written on them.  Inside the box was a sweet bread moulded into the shape of a wreath.

I asked the proprietoress at the lavanderia I do business with what it was all about because she had one of these sweet breads sitting on her counter. She told me there would be big fiestas in the city that evening. Why I asked. She didn't tell me, perhaps she didn't know, or didn't want to explain because my Spanish isn't very good and she doesn't speak English. I don't know and wasn't too concerned because I could always google to find out.

Google I did. January 6 is the day, so the story goes, that the three kings came bearing gifts to the manager. Another day to party, another day for children to receive presents.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice blog! My Spanish isn't very good, either, and probably not even as good as yours. I am English and French spoken, in that order.
Nice to find another boomer.
Greetings from Montreal.