Thursday, September 17, 2009

Topsy Turvy

Ana is here. Ana is Mixtec, which pretty means dark complexion and short stature. Once a week she cleans my bungalow, her cleaning is included in my rent. I pay her extra to iron. I pay the going rate charged at a downtown shop, which is $15 pesos a piece. We're organizing because this is only the second week she's cleaned. She now knows if I'm not home and she wants to eat she can eat whatever is in my refrigerator. Naturally, if she's still here when I come home for lunch, we'll eat together. I now know I need to buy the cleaning supplies.

The painter is also here, that's likely the reason Ana isn't finished. In late August he repaired a crack in one of my bedrooms. He said it needed to set before he painted. Now the crack is as deep as it was before he did the repair work. I think one of the earthquake tremors put the crack back to where it was. I've given up. The crack has won.

This afternoon is topsy turvy because I'm usually alone. Today I have company and they are  busy taking apart, and then putting back together the things that are here.

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