Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Today is Mexico Independence Day in Oaxaca

Last night the Zocalo was full the drunkeness and reveling, I wasn't there. The party next door ended around 6:15 am. It was a night to celebrate being Mexican, or if not Mexican to celebrate being in Mexico.

Today is independence day. I went to the parade. The theme of the parade sort of escapes me, but the municipal, state and federal police were all on display, as was the fire department and the schools.

There were hollowed out eggs that were broken on children's heads. There were cans of what looked like soap foam squirted at one another. There were beautiful costumes, and there were funny costumes.

The Zocalo was full of people. And the band played, among other patriotic music, the Mexican national anthem.

Red, green and white were everywhere.

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