Friday, August 14, 2009


Mitla is yet to become a UNESCO heritage site, its acceptance into this elite group is pending. Mitla was built after Monte Alban. This site has not undergone a reconstruction process. The painted wall with its mirror like finish gives the visitor the opportunity to glimpse at how the temple looked in its heyday.

"Archaeological evidence indicates that the site was actually inhabited as early as 900 BC, but the structural remains of the city itself have dates ranging between 200 AD and 900 AD.
The Structural remains of the city correspond with the height of Zapotecan rule over the region from Monte Alban (500 BC to 800 AD). It must be noted, however, that Mitla experienced its greatest growth between 750 AD and 1521 AD; and this period of growth corresponds with the end of Zapotecan rule over the area and the beginning of Mixtec rule with its center of power based in Mitla." - Advantage Mexico

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