Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tacos Orientales

If you click on the photo it will enlarge. 
Since I'm not a fan of Chinese food I haven't eaten any here in Mexico.

I've heard rumors that a few Chinese people live in Chihuahua, but I have seen any.

The idea of eating a taco that is oriental strikes me as odd.

How about you?


JJuryn FP said...

I agree, it sounds odd. Maybe they use rice instead of refried beans? Glad to hear you're feeling o.k. and no flu symptoms.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

There are several places around Mérida that sell Tacos Arabe, which are slices of meat in a folded pita bread. Pita is called pan arabe here, (Arab bread). They are quite good, so is the salsa de berenjena (babaganoush), salsa de ajo and other Lebanese foods. Chinese food is a horror here though, Chinese restaurants are damned with faint praise rather than recommended by the expats I know. The idea of tacos chinos makes me shudder.

Hector Baray said...

Good day Oreen, this place, called "Tacos Orientales de Cuernavaca", it's just a common Taqueria,
that have the best taste of tacos al pastor in Chihuahua.
As many places in Mexico, not all that you can see is all that you think!

Oreen Scott said...

Hello Hector:

Thanks for your comment, and thanks for dropping by. I now live in Southern Mexico, and I had totally forgotten about the Tacos Orientales.