Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I'm not the same person

I've moved.

My computer was stolen.  

Until this week my day began with the class I teach at Deloitte.  The next step in my daily routine was to study Spanish for an hour or so before taking the short walk to the school where I took my Spanish class.

Last Friday, when it was time to go to my English class I quickly ran upstairs to get my Spanish books, when I came back downstairs my computer was gone.  I left it for maybe two minutes.  That was all it took because the front door was left unlock and I was living with a penniless drug addict.  I have no idea whether it was an inside or outside job.

At first I blamed myself.  How could I have been so stupid as to leave my computer for even a minute?  

Now I'm blaming the owner of the school for not ensuring that the front door remained locked, and for hiring anyone off the street.

I'm paying a lot of money by Mexican standards to live where I'm living, but it's a posh hotel suite designed for foreigners,  It's a lot of money by Mexican standards, but very inexpensive by Canadian standards.

I have a new appreciation for my homeland with its Canadian Pension Plan.  I have a new appreciation for my former work with its unionized shop and company pensions.

I can live well.   I can live independently.

My visa is an FM-3 independent.  From now on independent is what I'm going to be.  Instead of working at a particular school I'm going to contract out, one class at a time.

I hope to continue teaching at Deloitte. 

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