Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Community of Misfits

Just in case someone is wondering what has become of me, I ought to add a blog.

Living at the school is like living in a glass house.  I'm totally exposed.  No privacy.  I endure.  It really isn't very hard because I live mostly in my head anyway.  I can be oblivious to what goes on around me.

Being an English teacher in a foreign land means meeting all types.  I'm not talking about the students, I'm talking about the teachers.  To be an English teacher all you need to do is speak English, and it doesn't seem to matter how well you speak English either. 

I don't know if the world is so desperate to learn my native language that schools will pick practically anyone off  the street who is half way coherent  to teach their students English, but it would seem so.

Don't want to bath?  Teach English.  Suffering from an addiction to tranquilizers and pain medication?  Teach English.  Potty mouth, every second word from your mouth begins with the letter "f"?  Teach English.  Throw those three bums into the courtyard at the school this past weekend, along with some guy they picked up at the pool hall;  mix a little loud music and beer and I'm not happy.  Oh well.  Life is interesting

Played Mahjong until 1:30 am on Saturday night.  Just us women.  No matter where I go in this world I find a few good women to hang with.  Women don't hold up half the sky, they hold up most of it. 

From what I've witnessed these past few days women are the strong ones.  Men are weak, too emotional and just plain lacking in depth and judgement.

Well, that's all I have to say for now.

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