Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A time of trouble

Yesterday Mexico's interior  minister, Juan Camilo Mourino, was killed in a plane crash.

Although  the Mexican government has stated there is no reason the think the crash was a deliberate act and is calling it an accident, the fact remains that Mourino was the country's leader in its war against the drug lords.  Several of Mourino's associates were also killed in the crash, along with people on the ground.  So far, fourteen people are reported dead.

Monday one of the teachers at the school reported she would be unable to work for a few days. Her brother-in-law was found lying on the side of the road, shot to death with massive bullet holes.  An obvious drug killing.  The teacher believes the murderers mistook her brother-in-law for someone else.

Last night another teacher felt compelled to cancel her last class of the day.  During a break between classes she received a phone call from her best friend asking her to come quickly, a mutual friend had just been shot and killed on her way out of a movie theatre.  It was thought the bullet was meant for someone close by and she was killed by mistake.

I'm not wanting to sound egocentric, but I can't help but think there are several degrees less than 9 degrees of separation between these two events and me.  Am I in danger?  A little too close for my liking, but I still feel safe.

Of course there was the Creel incident a few months back where nineteen people attending a wedding was shot and killed.

During the last month or so a cooler was sent to a Chihuahua police station.  The cooler was labeled "vaccine."   When the cooler was opened several severed heads were found.

And so it goes. . .when living in a war zone.

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