Sunday, June 08, 2008

Laptop - Gone. Butcher block - Gone. Books slowly going.

Today I gave away books. My friends Susan, Flo and Lynn dropped by and took whatever they wanted. Lily and Edwin, the new owners of my house, have a daughter and son-in-law who are soon leaving for Paraguay, and won't be back for quite sometime. Edwain called and asked if they could bring their daughter and son over to look at the house. Everyone left with books. I also gave them left over Marigolds, thinking they would choose to plant them in their new yard, they didn’t. They took them to their daughter-in-law, my neighbour Manuela. They are very happy with their new house, and grateful for my choice of leaving the appliances.

Susan said she'd buy all my light fixtures.

I put my garden house up on the internet, it looks like I have a buyer, but the problem is the price, which will be tricky because it will need to be hauled away on a flat bed, and that could be costly for the new garden house owner.

I made calling cards today with my email address and blog URL, but they don't look very good, so I'll make new ones. The ones I have will do for now because I've begun to hand them out.

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