Saturday, June 07, 2008

The House is Sold! The House is Sold!

The house sold Wednesday. The Ukrainian people drove me crazy. I politely escorted them out of my house. I did it with such finesse I don't think they realized what I was doing.

I said, right from the beginning, I didn't think my house was the house for them. And, I said, right from the beginning, my house was the right house for Lily and Edwin. I'm learning to trust my gut, which is fortunately connected to my brain.

Lily and Edwin learned about the sale of my house, not from the ad I placed in the paper, not from the sign out front, but from a conversation I had with their daughter-in-law. I was walking off the tension of people coming through my house, I noticed Manuela's hedge and how beautiful it had grown. She wanted to introduce me to her dog, then asked ask why I was still in Winnipeg. I never remember who I tell what to, I'm always talking to people. Obviously I told her of my plans to become certified to teach English, sell my possession and move to Latin America.

The conversation went to the sale of my house, she told me her in-laws were living temporarily with her, I said they should come take a look at my house. They were hesitant because they had signed with a realtor.

Since my friendly relationship with Manuela had developed because she missed her Cocker Spaniel in Paraguay, and Princess, my friendly Cocker Spaniel never hesitated to stop by for a visit when going for a walk, I could almost say Princess sold my house.

Wouldn't ya' know it, as soon as the house is sold someone wanted to make a better offer. I'm not going to second guess what I could have got; I got what I believed to be a fair price.

On Friday, at work, I handed in my resignation letter. So, by the end of Thursday, July 31 I shall be jobless and homeless. If I can sell my car I'll also be car less. "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose." - Gordon Lightfoot, I think.

I'm having a book party on Sunday, so last night I began sorting through my books. They are all over the floor. Books may be quite worthless as far as resale value, but they are very valuable to me. Fortunately I'll be able to give many of my books new homes. Those that I can't find homes for will simply be tossed.

My butcher block, which I've sold for $50, I could have sold ten times over; it is a rare find indeed.

I think my laptop will be gone today, not such a rare find, I was asking $350, I'm going to accept $350. So far, no one wants my love seat.

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