Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Gloria Steinem is 73

Yesterday, while scanning TESOL materials, I watched videos on YouTube. Someone had uploaded a lecture Ms. Steinem gave at a junior college in Ohio. She said she was seventy-three. I checked with Wikipedia, and sure enough, she was born in 1934.

After watching this video I watched an interview she gave in 1987 when she was promoting the book she wrote on Marilyn Munroe.

Low and behold, she was saying the same things in Ohio, which must be a fairly recent video, she was saying in 1987. Men need to take half the work of children and home, men can nurture too, women ought to have equal rights in the workplace, equal pay for work of equal value. Nothing in her delivery seems to have changed except her wrinkles and hairstyle.

I'm wondering if she's tired of the same old schtick?

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