Friday, December 28, 2007

Mopping, Cleaning and Organizing Junk

I'm going to miss this house. As I throw out junk I can't sell, and take the junk I can sell into the basement, as I clean and ready the house for the realtors to appraise I admire the furnishings, so careful thought out, the paint colours so painstakingly selected. It's a nice house, suited to me. It's comfortable, inexpensive, simple, yet tasteful.

I miss the pets. I wonder if they miss me. I'm all but certain they are adjusting to their new homes. Poor creatures, they had no choice but to move on. Did I have a choice? Certainly more choice than my pets had because I made the choice for them.

There are people who prefer other animals to people. They forget that people are animals, only more complicated than other animal species. So, I think as long as my former pets have a warm place to sleep, food, water and loving companionship they will do just fine.

I spent a lot of time today getting a rough idea about where I'll go after I leave Nanaimo.

I've decided to fly to Albuquerque and stay in New Mexico for a week before taking the bus to Chihuahua.

I'll spend a couple of days in Chihuahua than a week or so in Creel before taking the train to Los Mochis.

Los Mochis to Mazatlan . . .

I've calculated the miles between each place and my journeys will only be about 150 miles between places.

My Spanish is improving and when I googled escuela ingles idioma I was happy to find a listing of all the language schools in Mexico.

My next mapping project will be to list all the language schools that match the cities I plan to stop in. Once I have a resume, transcripts, letters of recommendation translated into Spanish I'll begin the send emails.

I'm focused, I'm moving forward and I'm fighting the demon inside me that keeps telling me I'm worthless.

It's my life.

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