Monday, August 06, 2007

The wasp saga continues, Leo Mal Sculpture Garden and Thunderbird House

Yesterday at precisely 9:45, I begin my trek to Rivers Medical Centre. They open at 10 am. I thought, perhaps, I'd be there just as they opened and would be the first in line. I was wrong, I was seventh in line and waited over an hour to see the doctor.

Dr. Learner was fat, really fat, perhaps about 300 pounds over weight. The examining room was very tiny and filling the room, sitting on a stool, was this very fat man. So fat I wondered how he got through the door. How he was able to leave his house. How he was able to drive a car. He never moved from the stool, he didn't have to, any medical tool he wanted was in easily reached.

It was bizzare. He was strange. Mind you, a medical centre in the heart of the poorest area of Winnipeg, where crime is excessive, the place where methadone is handed to those in need of a legal fix, would be the likely place where a physically challenged medical professional could find employment.

He seemed thorough enough and my ailment simple enough. I received a tetanus shot and a perscription for a penicillin like drug, and I was on my way.

Delghtful afternoon was spent in the Leo Sculpture Gardens listening to a young local saxaphone player and his ensemble. The weather was just right.

In the evening Flo and I made our first ever visit to Thunderbird House to watch an event called "Pointed Shoes and Pow Wow" it wasn't the best venue for the event because there was no raised seating and the only way we could see the dancers was to move to the front, which we did after the intermission.

It was interesting, local dances, members of Canada's National Ballet, children studying dance and original people's Pow Wow dancers pooled their talents and proved Thunderbird House is a place where all are welcome.

The condition of the wasp bites seem to be improving, it's been close to 24 hours since my first dose of anti-biotic.

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