Friday, August 10, 2007

Prairie Storm

The apples left on my backyard tree are red and mushy. The apples fall. The wasps swarm.

When I went to bed last night the sky was calm, little did I know it was the calm before the storm.

At 1 a.m., or so, the dog and I awoke to thunder, pelting rain and hail. I knew what it was, felt grateful for my house, wondered if I should worry about hail damage to the roof, or if any of my trees would be damaged, that sort of thing.

The dog, lacks my understanding, so she ran around the house whining. I called her back to the bedroom and tried to give reassurance. I was unsuccessful. I don't know what happened. perhaps I adjusted to her whining and went back to sleep. Perhaps she adjusted to the storm and stopped whining.

Now it's morning and calm once more. Prairie storms are like that.

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