Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Shopping in Manhattan - July 19, 2012

I need a cable that will connect from my camera to my computer because I left mine at home.  There is a Best Buy within walking distance. I'm in East Harlem and Best Buy, along with a few other big box stores are in Spanish Harlem.

I walk along Park Avenue, which travels north and south. Separating the traffic travelling north from the traffic travelling south is an above ground rail track and under the track is graveled vacant land, sometimes the vacant land is used as a parking lot, and sometimes not. In one spot a garden center is set up.

As I walk through Spanish Harlem, I see an abundance of community gardens. It looks like every vacant lot became a community garden, each sponsored by a different business.

Foolishly, I think I can accomplish all my shopping today. It will not happen. I make my Best Buy purchase and buy a few things in Marshalls and leave Harlem in search of Uni Glo, Century 21 and T.J. Max. I don't find any of these stores this day, but will find easily find them on other days.

I do find the famous and famously crowded Macy's. In the chaos and noise of Macy's I realize I cannot look at another piece of clothing. I'm exhausted and take a bus back to Jane Darling's.

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