Monday, August 13, 2012

Angelika Film Center - Searching for Sugar Man, The Queen of Versailles, To Rome with Love - July 27

Over the last few days, a family from France has been staying at Jane Darling's Bed and Breakfast. New York is very hot, especially on the third floor where my room is located. I can take the heat during the day, but 100 or so degrees Fahrenheit makes sleeping impossible.  Jane has air conditioning, so sleeping shouldn't be a problem. But, the French woman kept turning off the air conditioning.

My eyes have dark circles and I know I can't do anything too demanding today. I decide to find a great movie house. Angelika  is my kind of movie theatre. I spend several hours in the cooling comfort of the theatre and watch three movies.

I've been writing critiques at Rotten Tomatoes and here are my impressions of the movies

Searching for Sugar Man is an excellent movie. 

The Queen of Versailles is a must see for anyone who thinks it is possible to buy class. 

To Rome with Love clearly demonstrates Woody Allen's finest hours has long past. 

By the end of the day I'm totally refreshed, and Jane tells me she has had a talk with the French woman. I sleep well.

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