Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Shoot Out at Mexico City Airport

Shoot out at Mexico City Airport may lead you to
 think Mexico City is dangerous.

The Mexico City Airport houses two terminals, terminal 1 provides domestic service and terminal 2 international. In 2010 federal police began investigating a drug ring, which involved Aeormexico flight attendants smuggling cocaine into Spain.

Yesterday, June 25, federal officers arrived at the airport to arrest two of their own, in conjunction with the 180 people identified as members of the ring. A gunfight broke out in the airport food court. Reports vary, leaving questions as to whether the two to be arrested were actually federal police or not.

Although few believe Mexico City will see a spree of violence anything like that seen in Juarez, for example. If I'd been in the food court at the time shooting broke out, it wouldn't have matter whether this was a rare occurrence or an everyday event. I would have ducked for cover and hoped stray bullets went elsewhere.

The three officers killed were the good guys. The bad guys got away and have, as of this writing, yet to be found. If you play the odds, your chances of being murdered in Mexico City are 8 in 100,000. These are pretty good odds. Another factor to consider is the company you keep. Keep your nose clean, and your chances likely drop much further.

All in all in spite of the belief that Mexico is a dangerous place, it depends. It depends on what part of Mexico you are planning to stay in and it depends on what you do when in Mexico. High risk activities improve your chances of running into trouble.

All that being said, innocent people were eating in the food court yesterday morning at 9 a.m., and they suddenly found they were in the midst of a gun battle. For those in the food court there was little consolation that there are more murders, New York and Chicago, with smaller populations, last year than in Mexico City.

This latest incident brings further proof for those who do not care to dig deeper, that Mexico is a dangerous place, when in fact it really isn't all that dangerous ~ unless of course you were in the Mexico City Airport food court yesterday morning.


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Anonymous said...

Maybe there weren't any "good guys" in this story. For an interesting analysis, take a look at Tim Johnson's latest post over at Mexico Unmasked.

Jill Browne said...

In Canada we don't allow as much gun use as elsewhere and frankly I would like to see much more control. However, in this case it sounds like police were shooting at police, so all the guns were legal. It raises a question about how the police chose to carry out their operation.
Thanks for the article, Oreen.