Sunday, May 13, 2012

Writing is Not for Sissies

Writing is not for sissies.
I could sit in a corner and scribble away. No one would know, no one would read what I wrote, and I would never be criticized or critiqued. But that isn't what I do. I make a little money writing Internet content. Editors look at what I have written and point out my errors.

The other day I received a demotion from one of the sites where I write. Four recently written articles were reviewed, and there were a lot of spelling errors. Why hadn't I spell checked? I know better. I was embarrassed and upset.  I thought I had been proofing my articles. Obviously, I wasn't proofing all of them.

The guidelines at each site are different. I submitted an article to another site. The editor commented on how he loved the article. . .but.

After I had finished beating up on myself, I thought, "Writing is not for sissies." I decided I had fallen off and it was time to get back up on the horse. I'm going to write twenty articles, I'm going to be very careful to proof each and every one of them, and then I'm going to apply for reinstatement of my higher level.

I received a message from a mutual forum participant, "A writer's best friend is a good editor." Although this is very true, it sometimes means swallowing a bitter pill, and realizing you are not as good as you thought you were.

If you find any spelling or grammatical errors, please let me know.

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