Sunday, May 27, 2012

Reality TV - Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers addicted to more than plastic surgery

Joan Rivers, stand-up comedian, fashion commentator, jewelry designer, businesswoman, actress, writer, producer, and realty show aficionado likes to be busy. At this point in her life, she will soon be 79; reality TV has become her forte.

In 2009 and 2010 she asked wealthy people, "How'd You Get so Rich?" During that time period, she and daughter Melissa appeared on tacky Donald Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice." where the mother-daughter duo managed to top Trump's tackiness, when they loudly declared foul play after Melissa was fired. Marching forward, "Joan and Melissa, Joan Knows Best" shows the antics that go on in Melissa's home, where mom also resides several days of the week. Then there's the 2010 documentary, "Joan Rivers, A Piece of Work."

It seems to me that Joan is addicted to something beyond plastic surgery. She appears to crave public attention even if it means exposing the most intimate parts of herself.  All this is okay by me because I like Joan Rivers; I also like her daughter Melissa. Her grandson Cooper, who is the most sensible of the trio, puts up with, and loves, both his grandma and his mom. He's made a lot of money with the swear jar that his foul-mouthed grandmother contributes to each time she uses inappropriate language.

Of course, Joan and Melissa declare their reality show to be unique. Mind you that's pretty much the same thing Tatum and Ryan O'Neal said about their explosive reality show. Then, there are the Country and Western drama queens, Naomi and Wynonna Judd.

Have all these people gone crazy? They have no shame! I don't like Ryan O'Neal, but he may have been the most honest of the bunch when he confessed that he aired his dirty laundry in public in hopes of restoring his career, which is shot to hell, and beyond reviving.

Then there's the likes of Kate Gosselin, the Kardashians, Cody Brown and his four wives, and others, all famous for nothing other than exposing themselves to public scrutiny and ridicule. Perhaps the biggest shame of all is the Palin clan, because Sarah Palin was once upon a time picked as John McCain's running mate in the 2008 United States presidential election. Shame on you, John McCain! Sarah Palin was, and continues to be, the trashiest politian imaginable. And now, daughter Bristol Palin will soon venture into the world of reality TV. She and her son Trip are going to be paraded around for all the Lifetime network viewers to watch, as they avoid media attention, and invite media attention all at the same time. Yawn!

Is reality TV real reality? I don't know. However, I did spend an afternoon watching Joan, Melissa and Cooper as they put what is supposedly their lives out there for everyone and anyone to see. They are entertaining, silly, but entertaining.

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