Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Spring Comes to Oaxaca

Suddenly, the beautiful Jacaranda blossoms appeared. They are the color of lilacs.

In Manitoba, located in the central part of Canada, it's very cold in winter, and lilac blossoms welcome spring.  The awakening of the earth begins with the prairie crocus, which pop up through the ground as soon as the snow begins to melt away, the daffodils soon follow and finally the tulips.  As the tulips show their full splendor, the lilacs blossom.

Jacaranda: Tropical spring blossoms
Just as the winter solstice here in the tropics holds far less impact than a Canadian prairie winter solstice, the welcoming of spring holds only a minutia of change.  Although beautiful, the Jacaranda marks an insignificant change of seasons.  But the lilac has a clear duty to perform, welcoming the warmth of spring after an obvious winter of snow, ice and days of -25C.

Along with the blooming of the Jacaranda, came the street vendors selling tulips.  It was my friend Joan's birthday on Friday.  We partied Sunday.  I bought a pot with three tulips, thinking she could plant them, and they would come up again next year.  Perhaps if she keeps them in her freezer?

Speaking of Joan, she turned sixty-seven.  Nieves, Loretta, Joan and I hiked the hills then settled in for an hour of aerobics with Joan's aerobics instructor.  It was a wonderful way to celebrate the passing of another year, all of us, with of course the exception of Nieves, over sixty and able to hike mountainous terrain, lift our legs, jump up and down and cha-cha with the best of them.

Joan's husband Doug is an amateur chef, and the first time in my life that I can remember I over ate, and suffered the consequences.

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