Saturday, January 28, 2012

Peace Treaty of Sorts Signed with Triqui

Mexico can be a racist society.  In the state of Oaxaca, with sixteen indigenous groupings, amongst the lowest are the Triqui.

I've never understood why, but it seems to me that human nature is such that those at the bottom all too frequently fight amongst themselves, instead of banning together and helping one another.  This is the case with the Triqui. In the municipios that they control, corrupt state governments have assisted the in fighting.

In July of 2010, Governor Gabino was elected, and the people of the state of Oaxaca had great hopes that things would change.  Still, the women and children of San Juan Copala, the main city in the self-declared autonomous Triqui region, fled their homes fearing for their lives and for seventeen months set-up camp in the center of the city of Oaxaca.

In December, they went home because they were given assurance things would change.

Last Wednesday, Triqui leaders got together with the governor, documents were signed and discussion began.  Peace and security is promised.  Only time will tell.

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