Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hiking to the Atzompa Ruins

Some readers of my blog are interested in the hikes we take every Friday. It's a pleasure knowing my blog is read. And so, I will continue writing about our hikes. Last Friday it was Atzompa's turn to welcome our group.

Atzompa is where the villagers make green pots, as opposed to San Bartolo where the villagers make back pots.

Green pots, black pots, weaving and wood carving do not bring enough wealth to this part of the world. I wish I could share the enthusiasm many of my fellow extranjero friends have for the culture. I just don't believe that these endeavors are putting enough food on the table.

Atzompa is one of the wealthier pueblos. A Mexican friend told me that it's because of the farms.

My buddy Joan, her and her husband Doug are one of a handful who own vehicles, drove some of us. Other took collectivos or buses. Public transportation in Mexico is far superior to that north of the border, so owning a vehicle isn't necessary. Either way, fifteen hikers convened in Atzompa's town square, and off we went up the steep hill to the ruins. Zapotec, I believe.

When we were about three quarters of the way up the hill we encountered a young man charged with the responsibility of instructing visitors that no photos were to be taken, we should stay on the paths and respect this sacred place. Hence, I have no photos of the ruins.

There were archeologists working, and there was a lot of rebuilding of the grand temples and ball courts that once were.

Joan had invited me, along with a few others, to her house for a Ham Fest. That is because Sam's Club offers, in my opinion, the world's most delicious ham at Christmas time. Last year, I feasted on the ham and have been raving about it ever since. So, now that ham time has rolled around once more, I had the honor of feasting with Joan, her husband Doug, and a few other people.

Life is good.

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