Monday, January 30, 2012

Welcome - To a Hopefully More Interactive Blog

Follow icon is on top left hand corner
It's like a subscription

If this is your first visit to my blog, I welcome you warmly.

If you've been here before, I'm glad you enjoyed your first visit enough to return.

My first blog was posted April 18, 2005.  Blogging has change a lot since then, and  I haven't kept up with the times.   I intend to change all that, and you'll begin to see the results in the not too distant future.  I'd like a more interactive blog.

My blog has gone through, as I see it, three distinct phases.  At first it was very personal.  I was writing only for myself, and no one visited.

After I retired and began to travel, I wrote for family and friends in Canada.  Then, as I watched the visits stretch across the world, I began to write for anyone who came to visit.

I know you come.  But, I don't know who you are.

In the top left hand corner of my blog, you'll find a follow button.  It's like a subscription.  If you've enjoyed your visit, please consider following me.  I know some of you have bookmarked my site.  However, if you follow me, I won't feel so lonely.

At the end of each blog, you'll find a comment icon.  Although I moderate the comments, unless it's spam it's published.  Moving forward, I'll do more than post the comments; I'll add a comment in return.

If you're a quiet person, and don't want to broadcast across the web, beside the comment icon there's an email icon. 

On my December 28 blog entry, I asked, "Does anyone know the lyrics to the song Christine the Christmas Tree?"

Today, I received an email giving me those lyrics.  I couldn't be happier.

This blog will always be the personal story of one woman's journey.  It will always be free of advertising.

It will change.  I hope to make it more interactive.  And, I hope to hear from you. 

However, if you chose to simply drop by from time to time, that's okay too.

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