Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Canadian Union Helps Oaxacan Migrant Farm Workers

Photo Credit:  CBC National.
Mexican Migrant workers in Ontario
 If you were to visit the Oaxaca Regional Museum, situated in the ex-convent of Santo Domingo, which, by the way, is well worth a visit, something that might strike you is that the economy of the state depends on two things, tourism and Mexican workers leaving the state and sending money home.

Each year, Canada welcomes migrant farm workers from Oaxaca.  Can you imagine what it must be like to work in a place where you don't know the laws, language or customs, to be mistreated and not know what to do about it?

Help is on the way

The Oaxacan government agency, Oaxaqueno de Atencion a Migrantes (IOAM) and the Canadian United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) have entered into an agreement which will give Mexican itinerant workers resources that were sadly lacking until now.

Ten centers have been set-up across Canada, offering Spanish speaking staff that will provide legal support, address human rights, labor rights, and health and safety problems.  Services can be accessed utilizing a toll free number that can be dialed from anywhere in Canada or Mexico.

IOAM staff will be trained, by the UFCW, to ensure Mexican officials understand the rights of their citizens who work in Canada.


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