Monday, December 19, 2011

Yagul to Diaz Ordaz

The number of people hiking on Fridays has increased. On our first hike, there was Joan, Larry and I. On this hike, there were nineteen people.

I took a collectivo to monumento. Monumento is a sort of meeting place, I suppose, on the edge of town. Joan, who lives in Huayapam, met me there with her vehicle.

We met up with the rest of the hikers at Yagul.

Yagul was a Zapotec city-state, and its hey day had a population of 60,000. It's situated on a volcanic outcropping, surrounded by fertile land. Evidence of civilization in the area dates back to 3,000 BC.

When the Spanish conquered this part of Oaxaca state, they moved the Zapoteca out of Yagul, and into areas of Spanish settlement.

After exploring Yagul, including the ancient remnants of a bathtub, the group hiked to Diaz Ordaz, which is about a four-mile hike. We had packed lunches, brought from home, and ate in Diaz Ordaz. Then we took collectivos back to Yagul.

When the hike was over, Loretta, Joan and I went back to Joan's house. Loretta and I drank wine and ate crackers, cheese, olives and humus, while Joan prepared for two parties she'd attend that evening.

The photo of Loretta and Joan standing outside an old church was taken in Diaz Ordaz. The photo of the oxen shows how the land is farmed.

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