Wednesday, December 28, 2011

No White Christmas

Must there be snow to make a “real” Christmas?

I use Christmas because I’m living in a strongly Catholic country. But, I prefer Holiday or Festive Season. Devout Christians, who fill the internet with indignity, because they believe there’s been an injustice done when everyone was included, are simply wrong. Jesus wasn’t born in December. The Romans moved his date of birth to accommodate the pagans. I’ll get off my soap box now.

Do Oaqueñas believe they are

cheated because there’s no Christmas snow?

It would seem so. Take a look at the snowman sitting high upon a church windowsill. A news flash arrived from friends in my old town -- Winnipeg -- sometimes the world’s coldest city, December 25 and no snow. I believe it’s been record breaking warm up there.

I bought what I thought was an ugly tree to put on my coffee table. Fake table top trees were sold at the Soriana, and seemed to

be getting uglier and uglier as new shipments arrived. I thought I bought the ugliest one available. It was a sort of humbug to the season, but once it was out of its box and sitting in front of the sofa

, it didn’t look so ugly .

Does anyone know the lyrics to the song “Christine the Christmas Tree”? I believe she was ugly until she was decorated. Anyway, after likely more than fifty years that song suddenly entered my head as I was writing this blog. My sort of ugly fake, tree that I didn’t need to decorate sat for two days and is now back in its box.

The Zocalo nativity scene was back again. I think Governor Gabino ought to invest in some new figurines because the ones that are up look rather shabby.

Santa Claus comes to visit some of the children here, but the real big

day is January 6, which is Three Kings Day. The kings, as the legend goes, arrived on this day, to give gifts to Jesus. Christmas Eve is when a large family dinner is served. Here, as in other parts of the world, married children are torn as to which parents they should eat with.

I’ve had no snow, no gifts but a lot of food and festivities.

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