Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Concepcion's Big Day

"Conception!" I shouted.
"Oreen!" she shouted back.
We ran toward each other and embraced. Then she introduced me to her grandfather.
I hadn't given it any thought before, but this is our greeting. No one else outside the church greeted Concepcion with such exuberance. I must clarify; Concepcion has a large, warm and supportive family and many friends. Many people love her. However, since our trip to Israel she and I have a unique bond.
Concepcion turned fifty of Saturday. It was a grand celebration that began with a Catholic mass.
Two bands, one a sort of Mexican marching band prevalent in all the street processions, the other a loud, lively but very good dance band that played throughout the day, and into the wee hours of the next morning, or so I'm told.
Food and beverages flowed. I wish I had insisted on staying later, or made arrangements to return. Alas, mother Ruth wanted to leave after comida, and so I left with her. She's not a party animal, not very Mexican of her.

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