Thursday, December 01, 2011

I Stayed on Budget

On the first of each month, when I’m at home, here in Oaxaca, I go to the ATM and get $9,000 pesos. I pay my rent, which is $4,000 pesos, and covers all utilities, Internet, cable etc. $5,000 pesos are usually more money than I need for a month, but not last month. I ran short because I spent foolishly.

By the time last Saturday rolled around, I had about $200 pesos, which is less than $20 dollars. My friend Tinka and I went to Huayapam, a small pueblo near here, to attend the first birthday party of Ava Maria. It was a special because we were with her mom at the hospital, holding her hand as she suffered through labor pains.

At the party, Tinka and I had eaten too much, so when we arrived back in town; we took a walk down to the Zocalo and shared a $240 peso bottle of wine. She offered to loan me money. I felt it wasn’t necessary, mentioning I could go to an ATM if I had to.

Today, I’m feeling self-satisfied. I didn’t go to the ATM. I counted my coins; bought only what I had to and went to the ATM machine today. At the end of November I had $40 pesos, about $3.50 Canadian. I made it through the month

I remember being broke and not having any option but to suffer. It was a difficult time, but it prepared me for times like these, when self-discipline rather than necessity is the impetus to stay on budget.

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