Monday, May 30, 2011

No water

There’s no water spouting forth when I turn on the tap. This happens a few times a week but is easily remedy. On the roof of our house, Ben on the main floor, I on the second, there is a tinaco (water tank) under the ground somewhere there’s a cisterna (cistern). A pump is needed to get the water from the cistern to the tank on the roof. When I turn on the tap and the tank has water it pours forth. When there’s no water I turn on the pump for about fifteen minutes.

The only problem with this system is my ability to focus on what I’m doing at the expense of all other things. And so, during the fifteen minutes the tank is being filled I have to remember that in fifteen minutes I must turn off the pump so as not to waste precious water. A couple of times I’ve forgotten.

There is a problem today. The pump works but it’s not carrying water from the cisterna to the tinaco. Landlady Ruth says Erique, her son, will fix it.

I’ve returned from my morning walk and I feel an almost desperate need for a shower and a hair washing. I wait.

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