Friday, September 17, 2010

Two Old Broads

I'm on facebook to keep in touch with my granddaughters. Imagine my surprise when I looked in my email inbox last fall and found an email from my buddy Susan. We first met when we were four years old. Her brother was our paper boy. We hung together in primary school, lost touch in elementary and the first part of junior high because Susan was sent to Catholic school, which she hated.

She returned to public school in grade eight and we reunited. Time passed, I went to school in the United States. Susan got married had three children and divorced her husband. We lost touch. When one of Susan’s grandchildren introduced her to facebook she searched for me. Viola! The rest is history.

My granddaughter Tia and I traveled to Susan’s ranch in BC’s interior, during my August visit to British Columbia. I brought my computer, which contains all my photos. Our primary school class pictures gave us a jumping off point. After forty years of not being in contact we had much catching up to do.

My cousin Bea, who is fifty years old googled my name the other day. Her dad, who is my dad’s younger brother, had not been able to reach my dad and was concerned my dad had died. (He’s moved in with my son.) The last time I saw Bea she was a tiny baby.

The web is an incredible meeting place, a way to reunite, a way of getting acquainted with people one has lost touch with or wondered about.

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