Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March 10 - The ruins of Santa Clara Convent

Because of the earthquakes ruins are everywhere. There seems to be a certain amount of hope that the ruins can be restored. They are all clean and tidy and a small fee is charge to see them.

I paid 30 quetzals, the Guatemalan currency, to enter one the ruins.

“Would you like a tour guide?” a man asked.

I answered in the affirmative.

The tour lasted, at most, a half hour, and I foolishly thought the tour was included in the entrance fee because that is what would have happened in my country, but each country has its own traditions and culture.

At the end of the tour he told me the cost was $200 quetzals. “That’s is a lot of money.” I said in surprise., but gave it to him anyway.

“Would you like a tour of theSan Francisco chuch?” he asked.

“Is it include in the price?”


I laughed. “I’m not rich. The tour of this place was very expensive. I can’t afford anything more.”

I said goodbye and left.

A few moments later he called to me and caught up as I waited.

He gave me 50 quetzals. “Because you are nice,” he said.

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