Monday, April 05, 2010

April 5 - Laguna Yaxha

It was suppose to be a walk through the jungle, but it wasn’t.

My guide was a young woman who spoke only Spanish. She hobbled along because her left foot was twisted. I couldn’t help but think that surgery could correct the problem and it is a sorry state of affairs that so many Guatemalans suffer because they can’t afford proper medical care.
On the flight to Flores I overheard a very foolish Mennonite/Belizean/ Canadian talk to an American sitting across the aisle. He said he felt sorry for the U.S. citizens because they are now stuck with a universal health care system. He went on to say how great the Guatemalan medical facilities are and how many Canadian and Americans come to Guatemala for medical care because its so good and so cheap.
He talked about the inadequacies of the Canadian system, and how no one can see a doctor in Canada unless it’s an absolute emergency.
I think he wears blinders. Doesn’t he see the twisted limbs, the people who walk with their hands because they have no legs, the people with rotted teeth.
My guide trips. She is in pain. She says she’s fine. I disagree. I continue exploring on my own. She apologizes for her inability.

(Look closely at the second picture and you'll see the large yellow tail of a bird)

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