Saturday, March 06, 2010

March 6-7 - Traveling

March 6 I travelled from Palenque to San Cristobal and stayed for one night at the Media Luna, worth mentioning because it was a nice hotel for the price, $300 pesos.

March 7 I travelled by shuttle (collectivo) to the Guatemala boarder, crossed the boarder got on another shuttle, changed shuttles once more, and eventually ended my journey in Antigua.

“We have no system,” the Guatemalan immigration official at the border told us as he wrote our names and passport numbers on what looked like a scrap piece of paper.

The boarder crossing was fascinating, swarms of ragged human beings stood around doing nothing because they had nothing to do. And yet, in all their idleness there was a hurried sense of busyness. It was hot, crowded, dirty and noisy.

There are three volcanos surrounding Antigua. One welcomed our arrival with puffs of smoke. Every Sunday there’s a procession, and the streets are blocked. The shuttle driver couldn’t get to my hotel. I considered walking but, the street lighting wasn’t good, my shoulder was still painful and my duffel bag was heavy. “Just take me to any hotel with a private bath,” I said.

The hotel I was going to stay in charged my credit card.

(The photos are of Media Luna. If you ever visit San Cristobal, I recommend this hotel)

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