Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March 17 - Cerros de la Cruz

The walk up this hill gives a good view of the city. The problem is there have been reports of tourists being robbed.

I read how one group of tourists were stripped naked after being robbed and left on the hill to their own devices.

We gather at the tourist police station and wait for our police escort.

Most of us, when the police escort finally arrived piled into the back of a police pick-up truck. I took the easy way and sat in the back seat along with two young women from Victoria BC and a middle aged musician from Melbourne Australia.

When we reached the foot of the cerros the police dropped us off telling us this was the end of our escort and since we were a group we’d be safe.

We were on our own. And we did not stick together

At first I was uncomfortable, but I remembered Palenque - the jungle and the supposed dangerous path that I walked alone without fear. Maybe this cerros was little more dangerous than some places, but not a high risk area. The climb to the top was a walk up stairs mostly an easy climb if I took it slow. There were others who took it slower.

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